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POD 37

1-2 bedrooms

POD 37sqm

This is our entry level solution; fully self contained except for a separate laundry. It has a small kitchen unit with oven & hob.

It is likely to be located amongst a cluster of similar units; with access to a service pod for shared laundry and additional communal lounge.


In Layout A - it is effectively a double bedroom room and a single bedroom; suitable for a single/couple; plus one child.


In Layout B – it is a larger double/queen room; with an area in the living room that can be screened off for guest use with a fold-out sofa-bed.

The configuration can be changed between these two formats on request.

From $250 /PW
OR $150,000 Investment
Layout A
Layout B

2-3 bedrooms

POD 77sqm

This 77sqm self contained pod is configured standard with three small bedrooms; but on request can reconfigured to two larger bedrooms.  

It come standard with one combined bathroom/toilet; but can be altered for separate toilet. It has a fully functional kitchen; that also may be extended on request.

It includes a laundry and a large storage area; a feature uncommon in most tiny/small homes

Ideally – this unit suits a family of up to four; five at a stretch.

From $320/PW
OR $220,000 Investment
From $390/PW
OR $390,000 Investment

3-4 bedrooms

Premium POD 94sqm

This 94sqm premium living pod is currently the most highly specc’ed in the range.


It offers two large double bedrooms with generous wardrobes; plus a master king sized bedroom with separate ensuite; walk-in shower; and walk-in wardrobe. Who has ever heard of such things in a "tiny home"?

The family bathroom has facility for a laundry are if required.  Plus separate toilet.   Unlike any other mobile style home; this unit boasts huge storage areas; including a separate walk-in storage room in addition to generous cupboards throughout the pod.

The level of quality and forethought gone into this unit will only be appreciated when seen. From the higher stud height that exudes a sense of space; to the flow of light and air; to the “kiwi fauna” highlights through the unit – you will be amazed that this is actually a trailer-based home.

NOTE:  all these pods are classified as movable units; necessary to meet stringent Council rules in most parts of NZ. As such; we need to make some concessions. These are not “permanent buildings” and specifications may vary across NZ to meet local Council requirements.  Proponents of small/tiny homes will be well aware that the NZ Government and local Councils are making life for us as difficult as possible; despite the fact we are in the midst of a housing crisis that the Government appears unable to address.  With the failure of KiwiBuild and other government programs; it is suggested that this concept is what they should be pushing; not pushing against!   Time will tell if we can influence the bureaucrats that this is what We The People want!  

POD 77
Pod 94
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